The Kelpies

Completed at the end of October after almost 8 years planning, and one year fabrication and assembly, The Kelpies now reach into the skies above Falkirk & Grangemouth in central Scotland. They are the largest works of art in Scotland, and the largest equine sculptures in the world. Equitecture.

Photo credit : Nisbet Wylie Photographs
Steve Clarke
10th scale maquettes

The one tenth scale maquettes of The Kelpies were galvanized at the factory of Highland Colour Coaters at Cumbernauld near Glasgow.

Photo credit : Andy Buchanan
Fabrication of the full scale Kelpies

The fabrication of the full scale Kelpies was carried at the factory of SH Structures in Yorkshire.  A team of 30 welder fabricators assembled the internal structures of the horses, before painting and eventually installing on site.  The stainless steel skin panels were manufactured by Outo Kumpo and the assembly of the colossal artworks commenced on site in April 2013.

Building the Kelpies on site

The structural steel was assembled and then the steel plates, profile cut by Outo Kumpo in Sheffield were fixed using an innovative bolting system.

Building the Kelpies on site

Fabrication on site took 5 months of precision assembly by the team of SH Structures with MG Site Fabrications. 18,000 individual components are in each Kelpie, and both weigh approximately 300 tonnes. The foundations are approximately 1200 tons and the piles reach 32 metres to bedrock below.